Product information
Type Short story (2 parts)
Author Jason Schmetzer
Pages 40
Publication information
Publisher BattleCorps
First published 6 June 2008 (part 1)
10 June 2008 (part 2)
Era Succession Wars era
Timeline 12—29 December 3027
Preceded by Sniper

Panzer is a story by Jason Schmetzer that was published online on BattleCorps in two parts in 2008. It was re-published in 2012 together with its prequel story, Sniper, as an EPUB under the summary title of Sniper.

Plot summary[edit]

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Part 1[edit]

published 6 June 2008
Along the Marik border Halsten's Brigade has a deserved reputation for tenacity and victory, but that reputation is earned by the blood and tears of the men who fight. Under the eye of the media, Sniper Jones must find out why he fights.

Part 2[edit]

published 10 June 2008
Alone and already shorthanded by a sapper attack, the small Brigade force must rally and try to force an engagement with the Marik ‘Mechs. Halsten’s Brigade didn’t earn its reputation by turning tail when they’re kicked, and Sniper Jones knows it better than most.