Perdition's Flame

Perdition's Flame
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Fredasa


The Fredasa-class corvette Perdition's Flame was a WarShip in service with Clan Cloud Cobra. Constructed by the Clans after the Pentagon Civil War, by 3061 the CCS Perdition's Flame was one of four WarShips assigned to Delta Galaxy, serving alongside the Vincent Mark 42-class corvettes CCS Hertzog's Staff and CCS Trump and the McKenna-class battleship CCS Second Coming.[1] The Perdition's Flame was still listed as being in service with the Cloud Cobras as at 3067.[2]

During the Wars of Reaving Perdition's Flame was thrown into battle in October 3075. With Clan Steel Viper subject to a Trial of Annihilation, the Cloud Cobras bid very aggressively for the right to launch the first attack against the Steel Viper forces on Circe. Two naval Stars were used to assault the planetary SDS, and from those two Stars, four Cloud Cobra WarShips were lost - Consequence, Hertzog's Staff, Perdition's Flame, and True Sight.[3]


In the aftermath of the Battle of Tukayyid a flotilla of three WarShips belonging to Clan Smoke Jaguar jumped into the Tanis system and demanded repairs and servicing from the Cloud Cobra recharging station in place in the system. In system at the time was Star Admiral Hollyann Kardaan and a portion of the Cloud Cobra Alpha Reserve; Admiral Kardaan led the Liberator-class battlecruiser CCS Incense and four of her six assault DropShips against the Smoke Jaguar forces. The engagement lasted ten minutes before the Smoke Jaguar commander conceded defeat and accepted an offer of hegira, leaving a Fredasa-class corvette and two new Miraborg-class DropShips as isorla for the victorious Cloud Cobra forces. In 3062 the Perdition's Flame was the only Fredasa in service with the Cloud Cobras, making it likely - but not certain - that she was the corvette won at Tanis.[4]


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