Person Smiyth

Person Smiyth

Character History[edit]

Person Smiyth (b. ???? - d. ????) was the author of the publication "From Diana's War", which was published in 2340 by The Yerling Press. This book was a first-person account of events during the 2308-2309 war between the Tikonov Grand Union and the Marlette Association. The book strongly implies that the death of General Diana Chinn during the war was a deliberate assassination performed with the complicity of senior officers within the Tikonov Expeditionary Force, the formation of six regiments led by Chinn. The book recounts an incident where Chinn laid out a meal for her command staff in anticipation of celebrating a significant victory on one of the worlds involved in the combat, only to have none of the staff attend; later, Chinn slept outside her tent, while an officer from the 3rd Tikonov Grenadiers slept in her bed as a decoy. The Grenadiers officer was killed during the night.[1]


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