Pheromone Effuser


A Pheromone Effuser was a type of implant used by the Manei Domini for covert operations involving infiltration and subversion. A chemical dispenser with a range of three meters hidden inside either the operative's nose or mouth, it used chemicals from their own body to produce a strong mixture of aerosolized pheromones which was then blown onto the target. With their mental and emotional defenses weakened the target was more susceptible to the agent's attempts at seduction, and even trying to engage in combat was impaired due to their befuddled state. Although it used the agent's own body to produce pheromones, the device only contained storage for ten "doses" and required two days to fully recharge, along with a weekly infusion of a catalyzing agent (often ingested innocuously as chewing gum, breath mints, etc.) Manei Domini of Omega rank or higher could be implanted with a Pheromone Effuser, although it is almost never seen among those destined for battlefield combat, and it came in four sizes from the standard ten-dose to the maximum forty-dose variant.[1]



In CBT play a pheromone effuser only takes affect if a subject under the influence of the device engages in close combat with the operative. The subject suffers a +2 modifier to all attacks against the operative.[1]


In RPG play an operative benefits from a -4 TN modifier to all Seduction, Fast Talk, Deception and Negotiation rolls against a subject of the opposite gender under the effects of the effuser. The effects last for 1D6-1 hours (minimum one hour), with the severity and length of the effects reduced by half when engaging one of the same gender or who is already hostile to the operative.[1]


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