Philip Capet

Philip Capet
Died: 26 May 3027
Affiliation House Davion
Arena fighter

A native of Uravan in the Federated Suns's Capellan March, Philip Capet was an early 31st century MechWarrior for House Davion, and later a Solaris VII gladiator.

Character History[edit]

Davion Service[edit]

While in service with House Davion, Capet rose through the ranks to become a Sergeant. He became a celebrated hero in the Capellan March of the Federated Suns in the 3020s following his actions during a Capellan Confederation raid on Uravan, and was awarded the Gold Starburst of the Federated Suns.

The actual truth of the matter was that Capet had disobeyed orders and gotten half a dozen fellow MechWarriors killed in a reckless and futile action, trying to save his home village and family during the Liao raid. Hanse Davion had given Philip the medal due to his celebrity status in the Capellan March and hoped he would retire. However, Capet refused to retire; percieved as a troublemaker he was then given a position of command of a MechWarrior training company on Kittery. The CO on Kittery, Major Justin Allard, was of half-Capellan descent, and Capet openly voiced his disrespect and prejudice. Allard eventually dismissed him from military service when he discovered that Capet was planning to hijack a JumpShip and go on a private mission of revenge against the Capellan Confederation,[1] though that only incensed the embittered Capet further.

Solaris VII[edit]

By 3027, Capet had journeyed to the gaming world of Solaris VII in the Lyran Commonwealth. There he became a House Davion-aligned MechWarrior and champion, fighting battles in the arenas. In January 3027, Capet faced off in his Rifleman against two Vindicators belonging to the brothers Fuh Teng and Sze Teng in the Steiner Stadium. He won the fight and killed Sze Teng in the process; he may or may not have been aware that it was a fixed fight he was supposed to win. He had collected a string of would-be champions to fight with him in what he began to call the "Capellan Mafia",[2] a group of Davion-affiliated arena fighters who were tolerated by House Davion, not least because of their successes in the arenas and the associated glory, but secretly summarily regarded as troublemakers and problem cases. (Other named members were Peter Armstrong and Billy Wolfson.)

Also in 3027 Justin Allard arrived on Solaris VII, now calling himself Justin Xiang, and started a gladiator career of his own. Openly siding with the Capellan Confederation, Xiang began to take down every Davion warrior he faced. Philip sent people to confront him, and eventually told them they wouldn't be a "man" if they did not disable the ejection system. Xiang killed at least six Davion gladiators including Billy Wolfson and Peter Armstrong in various fights. Hanse Davion sent a communication offering Capet a world and regiment to command if he killed Xiang.[3]

After the word of the death of Solaris VII icon Gray Noton reached Capet, who felt he was the up-and-coming champion, he went to claim Noton's alcove in Valhalla, the champions' high society club. Xiang stopped him and told him that he had no right, and also that his glory seeking here on Solaris and back on Uravan led to the death of his men and that he had ultimately murdered his own family.[4] Provoked in this fashion, Capet challenged Xiang to a duel (which is exactly what Xiang wanted as he was not yet famous enough to challenge someone of Capet's standing himself).

On 26 May 3027, they agreed to fight in the Ishiyama Arena. On the pre-fight talk show Pregame Palaver, Capet declared that he was going to kill Xiang and had a surprise or two waiting for him.[5] He meant it. During the match, Capet led Xiang to a tunnel with steep three level crevasses where two of his Capellan Mafia colleagues were waiting in ambush, a Firestarter and an UrbanMech.[6] Xiang, piloting the late Gray Noton's heavy Rifleman (Legend-Killer) at the time, was able to dispatch the two light 'Mechs. Capet plan was for them to inflict damage on Legend-Killer, giving him the opportunity for an easy killing blow. Both his people's 'Mechs were destroyed, but Justin moved deeper into the caverns. Capet hid his Rifleman during the ambush. Hidden in a location where Xiang would pass though a narrow tunnel, he would step out and shoot at Legend-Killer's thin rear armor. Xiang's 'Mech passed him, and he opened up with all his weapons at Legend-Killer, but only hit armor—Capet had been fooled by Xiang's tactic of walking his 'Mech backwards with his 'Mech's arms flipped over. Xiang returned fire and knocked Capet unconscious, then simply shot Capet's 'Mech in the head with autocannon shells, killing Capet.[7]


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