Phobos (Individual Union-class DropShip)

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This article is about the Union-class DropShip. For refitted freighter, see Phobos (Trojan).

Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Union

The Phobos was a Union-class DropShip operated by the Gray Death Legion by the time of their attack on Sirius V in 3028,[1] and up until 3065.[2] It was noted to be one of the Legion's first Union-class DropShips.[3]

It should not be confused with the Trojan-class vessel of the same name that served the Gray Death Legion earlier, most famously in their blockade running attempt at Verthandi in 3025. The first Phobos apparently still remained in service with the Gray Death Legion by the time of the Sirius campaign[4] but was not present at Helm and was not mentioned again afterwards.

Helm Campaign[edit]

The Phobos and its sister-ship Deimos brought the Gray Death Legion back to Helm in 3028, where they wound up in combat with House Marik forces as perceived war criminals following the Tiantan massacre. During the fighting, Harris Graff entered the Phobos under a pretense and allowed Marik troops to capture the vessel. It was reclaimed by the Gray Death Legion later in the campaign.[5]


(Page references for the novels refer to the PDF editions and may differ from print editions.)

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