Power Pack Recharger

Power Pack Rechargers are used to recharge Power Packs, either by plugging into a local energy grid or producing power of their own. These devices recharge packs at a set amount of energy per hour and can be used to directly supply equipment and weaponry in their own right.[1][2]

Recharger Types[edit]

Standard Recharger[edit]

Standard Rechargers plug into a standard electrical outlet and draw energy from the local electrical system in order to recharge power packs. Each recharger can accommodate only one pack.[1][3]

  • Equipment Rating: C/A-A-A/A
  • Cost: 10
  • Mass: 150g
  • Power Capacity: 50 per hour

Heavy-Duty Recharger[edit]

Heavy-Duty Rechargers function identically to standard rechargers but can accommodate up to five power packs at one time.[1][3]

  • Equipment Rating: C/A-A-A/A
  • Cost: 50
  • Mass: 400g
  • Power Capacity: 200 per hour

Fossil Fuel Recharger[edit]

A Fossil Fuel Recharger uses petroleum fuel to run a two- or four-stroke engine which runs a dynamo to recharge up to three power packs at once.[1][3]

  • Equipment Rating: C/A-A-A/A
  • Cost: 200
  • Mass: 1.5kg
  • Power Capacity: 15 per hour
  • Notes: Refueling cost: 2 per hour

Kinetic Recharger[edit]

A Kinetic Recharger operates similarly to a fossil fuel recharger, except instead of an engine the dynamo is manually driven by a crank.[1][3]

  • Equipment Rating: C/A-A-A/A
  • Cost: 50
  • Mass: 2kg
  • Power Capacity: 5 per hour

Solar Recharger[edit]

Solar Rechargers are the most expensive yet most efficient of power pack rechargers available in the Inner Sphere. Each one is able to accommodate up to five power packs at once and draws power from the ultraviolet light produce by a solar system's primary star. It is also a rare device and its usefulness severely impacted if its source of power is blocked by clouds or other obstructions.[1][3]

  • Equipment Rating: D/A-B-B/A
  • Cost: 200
  • Mass: 1.5kg
  • Power Capacity: 45 per hour

Fusion Recharger[edit]

Fusion Rechargers utilize a small, lightweight fusion reactor which requires no fuel and very little maintenance to recharge up to five power packs at once, making them extremely useful for extended field operations. While these rechargers became virtually extinct after the First Succession War in the Inner Sphere, the Clans maintained these devices and use them regularly.[1][3]

  • Equipment Rating: D/D-X-E/B
  • Cost: 5000
  • Mass: 40kg
  • Affiliation: Clan
  • Power Capacity: 100 per hour


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