Prosthetic Leg MASC


Found only among the agents of the Manei Domini, Prosthetic Leg MASC were miniaturized forms of the BattleMech-scale Myomer Accelerator Signal Circuitry used in place of traditional prosthetic legs. Requiring the complete removal of both subject's legs and hips they allowed for incredible bursts of speed, although to prevent the actuators from seizing up safeties were engaged to allow the legs a cool-down period in between activations. The legs could be cosmetically enhanced to look perfectly normal for concealment or to look more intimidating, including a reverse-joint design which made the operation of most vehicles and battle armor impossible. The legs also could not be used in combination with full-body Triple-Strength Myomer Implants. This upgrade was available to agents of Omega rank and higher willing to undergo the procedure.[1]



In CBT play conventional infantry with PL-MASC may travel at 2MP per turn, including all mobility restrictions that apply. To represent targeting difficulties they received +1 to-hit modifier for all attacks.[1]


In RPG play an operative with both legs enhanced can move at twice their normal Sprinting speed for one five-second turn, however this feature may only be engaged every two turns. The operative does not suffer any Fatigue while sprinting in this fashion but any actions while moving suffer a +5 TN modifier.[1]


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