Prototype Double Heat Sinks


These Prototype Double Heat Sinks were created by House Davion researchers. Unlike the Double Heat Sinks used by the Star League and after the War of 3039 these prototype units were smaller and could be mixed with standard heat sinks. As an experiment, they worked adequately, but their use of liquid heavy metals instead of the safer (if larger) radiators used in SLDF double heat sinks meant that they would only work for a few years before needing replacement. In addition the heavy metals were difficult to work with in the field and dangerous to the technical staff supporting them.[1]

Several of these heat sinks were used in both the Super Griffin prototype developed on Hoff and were installed on several Eridani Light Horse 'Mechs for further testing. Given their limitations however, they were quickly scrapped when the Helm Memory Core was decrypted.[1]


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