Prototype Improved Jump Jet

These Prototype Improved Jump Jets were created by House Davion researchers. Unlike the Improved Jump Jets invented in the 3060s, these jump jets were no larger than standard Jump Jets, but did have several drawbacks. First, they generated twice as much heat. Second, they were reliant upon an unstable ignition system to achieve their additional jump range.[1]

Several of these jets were used in both the Super Griffin prototype developed on Hoff.[2]


Game Rules[edit]

The Prototype Improved Jump Jets listed here function like those listed in the TechManual with the following modifications:[1]

  • They occupy one critical hit slot per jet.
  • They weigh the same as standard Jump Jets.
  • They generate two points of heat per hex jumped, and when used generate a minimum of six heat.
  • If a critical hit slot containing the jet is destroyed, that location suffers a 10 point ammunition explosion as the extra capacitors used to ignite the PIJJ fuel detonate.


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