Pulsar (Individual Pinto-class WarShip)

Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Pinto


Star League Era[edit]

The Pinto-class corvette OAS Pulsar was the first WarShip to be produced by the Outworlds Alliance following the repeal of the Star League Council Edict of 2650 in 2752. The Pulsar was constructed in shipyards above Alpheratz, and launched within months of the Edict being repealed.[1]

The Pulsar was serving as the lead ship of the small Outworlds Alliance WarShip fleet in April 2765; the fleet was commanded by Chairman Arthur Ingelmann, commanding officer of the Pulsar, and consisted of fifteen Pintos.[2] While no new Pintos had been constructed between the launch of the Pulsar and April 2765, but it was considered likely that she would be joined by other new WarShips at some point in the near future due to the constant activity going on at a number of Alliance shipyards.[1]

Periphery Uprising[edit]

The Pulsar and her sister ships were victims of the Periphery Uprising; none of the WarShips in the pre-Uprising Outworlds Alliance fleet survived the war with the Star League Defense Force.[3]


  • The destruction of the Periphery WarShip fleets during the uprising was noted by the author of First Succession War on the Catalyst forums and confirmed by a BattleTech Developer, although not in the Ask The Writers or Ask the Lead Developer forum, so this note is not definitive until confirmed elsewhere:
Yup. Only one WarShip operational in ALL of the Periphery. And it was a Concordat boat.

You're welcome.

  — Herbert A. Beas, First Succession War Author, 16 May 2016
Beat me to it.
  — Adrian Gideon, BattleTech Developer, 16 May 2016
Uprising losses. Pretty much all periphery fleets were annihilated by the SLDF.
  — Herbert A. Beas, First Succession War Author, 16 May 2016
  • Given the lack of any new WarShips apparently being constructed between the end of the Periphery Uprising in 2766 and the end of the First Succession War in 2821 it is likely, but not certain, that the Periphery nations had also lost the ability to manufacture new WarShips through the destruction or crippling of the relevant shipyards.


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