Quetzalcoatl (Individual Quetzalcoatl-class JumpShip)

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Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip
Class Quetzalcoatl
Previous classes Scout
In service until ca. 3028 (destroyed in Fourth Succession War)

The Quetzalcoatl was originally a Scout-class military JumpShip of the Capellan Confederation. In or before 2876 its sole docking hardpoint was damaged beyond repair in an enemy boarding attempt. Instead of decommissioning the crippled ship altogether, a refit was devised that removed the hardpoint, installing fighter cubicles instead and thus turning the ship into a mobile fighter base. The refit was successful and spawned a variant of the Scout class that became known as Quetzalcoatl-Scout.[1]

The exact modifications to the original Quetzalcoatl remain uncertain; this ship reportedly had room for twenty aerospace fighters.[2] The established standard refit to Quetzalcoatl-Scout class as of ca. 3026 would be to remove the hardpoint, small craft bay and some other components to install twelve fighter cubicles, although such ships could support up to twenty fighters when operating them in shifts.[1]

The original Quetzalcoatl was destroyed in the fighting of the Fourth Succession War.[1]


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