Quinn Kerensky

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Quinn Kerensky (born 3048[1] - died 3???) is a Trueborn Clan Jade Falcon MechWarrior, Officer, and Galaxy Commander.

Character Description[edit]

Quinn is noted for lacking Clan-like behavior in combat, frequently using physical attacks against her opponents' 'Mechs. Among her ambitions is to claim her genetic legacy for the Falcons. She is more comfortable in the cockpit of her BattleMech than the midst of the political turmoil her behavior causes.[2]


Early Life and Career with Clan Wolf[edit]

Born in the Iron wombs of Clan Wolf, Quinn grew up as a sickly sibkid who matured to become an aggressive woman. She grew up holding back her full potential until her Trial of Position. In the Trial, while piloting a Linebacker she used unClanlike attacks against her opponents, including disabling a 'Mech by kicking it. She then tore its arm off and beat her next opponent with it until it was defeated. Such behavior would lead to many among Clan Wolf disliking her. During her Trial of Bloodright, she fought and won against an Elemental Warrior for the Kerensky name, but lost her left eye.

Finally fed up with her non-traditional ways, her fellow Clansmen would underbid to retain her when she became the target of a Trial of Possession by Clan Jade Falcon.[3]

Clan Jade Falcon and the Jihad[edit]

As a result of the Wolves half-heartedly defending her from becoming isorla, Quinn became bitter towards her former Clansmen. Her Falcon commanders provided her with opportunities to vent her rage against the Wolves as part of their strategy to keep them off guard.

By 3071 Quinn - then a Star Captain - was a noted MechWarrior and leader and commonly piloted a Summoner-class OmniMech. Quinn was responsible for the popularity of the Summoner loadout most strongly associated with her, the Summoner-G configuration, and was well-known for demonstrating her superior piloting abilities by tapping opponents physically in combat - something that also served to taunt her opponents.[4]

In early 3074, she was assigned to work with Devlin Stone's Allied Coalition to crush the Blakist occupying forces on Coventry.[5][6]

By 3076, Khan Samantha Clees had promoted her to Galaxy Commander of Gamma Galaxy, replacing its old commanding officer after she was assassinated by Word of Blake agents in 3073. Her ascension to Galaxy Commander takes her further away from combat and more into the realm of politics, something she has found challenging. Her desire to attain her genetic legacy for the Falcons will require her to improve her skills in politics too.[7] After taking command of the Galaxy she began efforts to stabilize the command that had been nearly depleted from constant fighting. Traditionists who have long been at odds with Quinn's methods questioned the choice of giving command of the Jade Falcons' most prestigious front-line Galaxy to her.[8]

Gamma Galaxy had been weak enough in 3074 that despite sending two Clusters to Coventry - the First Falcon Hussars and the Third Falcon Talon Cluster - many intelligence agencies reported only a single Cluster as being active in the campaign. Gamma was still weak in 3079, despite determined efforts by Quinn to try and rebuild; only two of the Clusters could muster more than fifty percent of full strength.[9]

Dark Age[edit]

In the aftermath of the Jihad Quinn Kerensky continued to command Gamma Galaxy, but the Galaxy found itself undergoing a relatively quiet period after a decade of turmoil. Gamma raided the worlds of Laurent and Vulcan, but found no defending forces to fight; a planned raid on Dustball was blocked by Khan Clees, and with the Khan's order that all defensive bids against forces from Clan Wolf-in-Exile be set high to generate the impression that any raid would run the risk of provoking a major conflict, Kerensky found her options restricted. She responded by concentrating on the task assigned to her - rebuilding Gamma Galaxy into an effective operational unit capable of conducting offensive operations.[10]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Amelia Icaza
Galaxy Commander of Gamma Galaxy
307? – 3???

Succeeded by


During her career as a MechWarrior, Quinn has been noted for piloting a Thor OmniMech, up to 3080s, where she was given a new Flamberge. Her personal configuration would emulate to become the Flamberge's Alpha Configuration.[11]


Game Rules[edit]

From Masters and Minions: The StarCorp Dossiers, Quinn has character specific rules/abilities for tabletop game and RPG settings. On the battlefield, Quinn's presence cancels any Force Specific Abilities an opposing force may be employing in scenario. Additionally, she grants +3 initiative to any force under her command. However, her ability decreases by one if she commands a force greater than a Star. In close combat, she and any under command receives a -1 to their to-attack rolls. Using AToW rules, when she is used as a NPC she receives a Body score no-larger than 4.[12]


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