Regional Defense Force 3

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Regional Defense Force 3
Unit Profile (as of 3079)
Parent Formation Hanseatic Security Force


Regional Defense Force 3 (RDF 3) was formed as a part of the creation of the Hanseatic Security Force following attempts by a number of colonies to throw off the influences of the Hanseatic League Council of Merchants in or around 2920.[1]

After attempting to enforce a period of isolation from external influences across the League, the Council of Merchants changed tack in 3011 and decided to declare three worlds to be open worlds, accessible to all.[1] RDF 3 became the first point of contact for travellers inbound from the Inner Sphere.[2]

By the mid-3060s RDF 3 was under the command of Captain-General Cynthia Hickock, a native of the Hanseatic League - Hickock was born on Lübeck - but one who had chosen to follow a career as a mercenary. Hickock's experience fighting bandits in the Deep Periphery and her tours within Nueva Castile gave her enough money to ensure her rapid promotion within the HSF after her return to Lübeck, but also earned her the active dislike of a number of members of the Council of Merchants, who considered her an upstart.[2]

Despite these issues Hickock's abilities were unquestionable and under her leadership the personnel of RDF 3 were consumate professionals, even though their equipment was in a rather dilapidated state.[2] The state of their equipment wasn't uncommon within the HSF - the best equipment available usually went to RDF 1 or the Convoy Protection Force - but the HSF technicians were well trained and the equipment was generally in good working order.[3]

By 3067 Captain-General Albert Snow of RDF 1 had been installed as head of the HSF by the Council of Merchants, and Snow had gone against the wishes of the council by appointing Hickock his deputy. In a testament to Hickock's experience few were willing to argue with the choice, and as a result of a Clan incursion into the spinward region guarded by RDF 2 Hickock had RDF 3 training hard[4] from their home base on Gateway.[5]

During the Jihad the HSF launched a disastrous expedition to try and drive Clan Diamond Shark out of the Chainlaine Isles; committing RDF 1 and RDF 3 to the assault, the HSF saw both units mauled by the Clan forces. Of the two units, RDF 3 took by far the heavier losses, losing more than half their strength before limping back to the League to begin rebuilding.[6]


The senior Captain-General of RDF 2 from at least as early as 3064 through until the beginnings of the Jihad was Captain-General Cynthia Hickock.[2][5]

In 3064 Hickock's Aide was Major Alfredo Garcia, an officer who was rather conservative tactically, often reacting to the actions of his adversaries rather than acting; his cautious approach hampered the abilities of his troops, but also ensured that they rarely succumbed to ambushes or were otherwise outsmarted.[5]


Composition History[edit]

In common with all of the RDF brigades RDF 3 was a combined arms force, and standard deployments for sub-units drawn from RDF 3 typically consisted of a 'Mech company reinforced by one or two battalions of armor and infantry.[7]


Regional Defense Force 3 (Regular/Reliable)[2]

  • 1 BattleMech Regiment
  • 4 Conventional Regiments
  • CO: Captain-General Cynthia Hickock
  • Aide: Major Alfredo Garcia


Regional Defense Force 3 (Regular/Reliable)[5]

  • 1 BattleMech Regiment
  • CO: Captain-General Cynthia Hickock

- At this point in time RDF 3 was at eighty-five percent of full strength; ten percent of the RDF were using advanced equipment. - Conventional forces are not listed within Field Manual: Updates, leaving the strength of the RDF 3 conventional forces unknown.


Regional Defense Force 3 (Regular/Reliable)[6]

  • 1 BattleMech Regiment

- At this point in time RDF 3 was at forty percent of full strength following the disastrous battles in the Chainlaine Isles, but ten percent of RDF 3 was still using upgraded technology. - Conventional forces are not listed within Field Report: Periphery, leaving the strength of the RDF 3 conventional forces unknown.


Game Rules[edit]


  • RDF 3 uses the Hanseatic League column of the Random 'Mech Assignment Table within Field Manual: Periphery.[8]
  • Units from RDF 3 may use the Force The Initiative special ability if they are outnumbered.[8]
  • Units from RDF 3 commanded by Major Alfredo Garcia receive a -1 Initiative penalty.[8]
  • Units from RDF 3 commanded by Major Alfredo Garcia cannot be targeted with the Overrun Combat special ability.[8]


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