Regional Defense Force 6

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Regional Defense Force 6
Unit Profile (as of 3079)
Parent Formation Hanseatic Security Force


Regional Defense Force 6 (RDF 6) was formed as a part of the creation of the Hanseatic Security Force following attempts by a number of colonies to throw off the influences of the Hanseatic League Council of Merchants in or around 2920.[1]

After attempting to enforce a period of isolation from external influences across the League, the Council of Merchants changed tack in 3011 and decided to declare three worlds to be open worlds, accessible to all.[1]

By the mid-3060s RDF 6 was operating as a mobile reserve for the other five RDFs; bolstered by a permanently-assigned contingent from the Convoy Protection Force, RDF 6 consisted of just a single 'Mech regiment, predominantly lighter 'Mechs, and spent much of its time moving between the HQ worlds of each of the RDFs, making liaison visits with the staff of the brigades that RDF 6 would support in the event of a crisis.[2]

Despite this active schedule and the excellent equipment provided to RDF 6, the troops had little experience of actual combat, and their ability to reinforce other units was largely untested.[2]

Between 3064 and 3067 RDF 6 found itself undergoing perhaps the most rigorous training regiment of any of the HSF units; Captain-General Albert Snow, the new head of the HSF, had initiated a process to transform the HSF into a more professional force, and as a part of his efforts RDF 6 incorporated a number of mercenary troops, a measure that significantly increased the effectiveness of the RDF.[3]

During the Jihad RDF 6 continued to fight against bandits and pirates, and the successes enjoyed by the RDF lead to very high morale, despite the fact that most of the engagements involved pitting elements of the RDF against outnumbered opponents who were using inferior technology.[4]


The senior Captain-General of RDF 6 in 3064 Captain-General Manfred Gilbert,[2] who continued to command RDF 6 throughout it's expansion under Albert Snow and into the chaos of the Jihad.[5]


RDF 6 favored highly mobile warfare.[2]

Composition History[edit]

The composition of RDF 6 was atypical for an RDF within the HSF; whereas the other RDFs were combined-arms brigades consisting of a regiment of BattleMechs reinforced by several regiments of armor and infantry, RDF 6 was just a single regiment of 'Mechs. Those 'Mechs were predominantly light and medium in weight, but the 'Mechs provided to RDF 6 were second in quality only to those given to RDF 1, the League's premiere unit.[2]


Regional Defense Force 6 (Green/Reliable)[2]

  • 1 BattleMech Regiment


Regional Defense Force 6 (Veteran/Reliable)[5]

  • 1 BattleMech Regiment

- At this point in time RDF 6 was at full strength; ten percent of the RDF were using advanced equipment, and the RDF was based on the world of Bergen.


Regional Defense Force 6 (Veteran/Reliable)[4]

  • 1 BattleMech Regiment

- At this point in time RDF 6 was at eighty percent of full strength and approximately ten percent of the RDF was using upgraded equipment. RDF 6 was stationed on Bergen at this point.


Game Rules[edit]


  • RDF 6 uses the Hanseatic League column of the Random 'Mech Assignment Table within Field Manual: Periphery.[6]
  • RDF 6 units that used less than half their normal walking MP before attacking do not suffer the to-hit penalty normally associated with having walked when making an attack.[6]


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