Radioactive Tracker Ammo


Radioactive Tracker Rounds are used for the covert tracking of individuals or objects. Fired from any slug-thrower weapon, these rounds hold an easily-broken capsule which contains a small suspension of harmless radioactive isotopes. On impact the quick-drying liquid splashes the target and marks them with the isotopes, iridium 191 being the most popular, which will give off traces of gamma radiation for a month unless properly cleaned. Detecting the trace requires special scanning devices, such as a Bug Scanner modified to detect gamma radiation, and a maximum range of 35 meters.[1]



Item: Radioactive Tracker
Equipment Rating: C/E-F-E/E
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: +0B/+0
Cost/Reload: x3.5
Notes: Target "Tagged" on Successful Hit (Even if Undamaged); Signature Lasts 1 Month; Requires Tracker Scanner to Spot



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