Ranna Kerensky

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Ranna Kerenksy
Ranna Kerensky
Born: 3028
Died: 3077[1]
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Clan Wolf-in-Exile
Star Colonel of Clan Wolf-in-Exile

Ranna Kerensky (born 3028 – died 3077[1]) Granddaughter of Natasha Kerensky. Bloodnamed MechWarrior within Clan Wolf, and later Clan Wolf in Exile. Romantically linked to Phelan Kell, and aided his assimilation into the Clans. Was a Star Commander when she first encountered Phelan (circa 3050), but held the rank of Star Colonel by the time of the FedCom Civil War.


Early life and The Clan Era[edit]

Ranna was born into the same sibko as Vlad Ward, Evantha Fetladral, and Carew Nygren in 3028 on the Clan world of Stanici. She came from a distinguished heritage being both the granddaughter of the great Natasha Kerensky as well as being the cousin of ilKhan Ulric Kerensky, albeit one generation apart. Like many of the Kerensky bloodline, she was renowned for her beauty and tenacity on the battlefield, although unlike Natasha Kerensky she had unusually bright white blonde hair. She always had held high hopes and aspirations in Clan Wolf, regardless of the fact that neither of her genetic parents achieved Bloodnames. Her mother never won a name and it is unclear if she ever even competed, while her father died in his attempt to win one.

When Phelan Kell was captured by Vlad, she was assigned by Ulric Kerensky to help indoctrinate him in the ways of Clan Wolf. At first she found having to babysit a freeborn that was still weak and recovering from injuries and chemical interrogation was a duty that she loathed. Eventually she developed very un-Clanlike feelings of love for the freeborn warrior. This was both exciting and terrifying for her at the same time as Clan warriors rarely developed strong emotional and intimate attachments, and it took the intervention of Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht on both her and Ulric's behalf to make Kell understand her confusion. Later on she would assist in training Kell for his Trial of Position to become a ranked MechWarior in the Wolf Clan, along with further training during his attempt to win a Bloodname. She was not an easy trainer on the MechWarrior who had been outside of the cockpit for over a year, in fact in a private conversation with Natasha Kerensky, Kell described Ranna as "{his} Bane".

She participated in the Battle of Tukayyid as a member of Natasha Kerensky's 13th Wolf Guards, and was one of the few units to complete their objectives during the ill-fated battle unlike most other Clans who did not prepare for an extended engagement. Three years after the Truce of Tukayyid in 3055 she along with Phelan visited his family and home planet of Arc-Royal. There she met firsthand Prince Victor Steiner-Davion. She and Phelan were given the option to challenge the Prince's lance in simulated combat where she defeated Victor in her Masakari decisively despite him piloting a Daishi and outweighing her 'Mech by a full 15 tons. The Prince was shocked at her ruthless tactics on the battlefield and that she showed much more adaptability than Clan warriors had demonstrated previously.

In 3057 during the Refusal War she joined Khan Phelan along with her sibkin Carew and Evantha with the Warden faction of Clan Wolf. Eventually she won the coveted Kerensky Bloodname having been named by Khan Natasha Kerensky as her chosen successor to the Kerensky bloodline. Currently she is a Star Colonel in the Clan Wolf-in-Exile in Command of the 4th Wolf Guards "Wolf Bane" in Clan Wolf's Alpha Galaxy.

Marriage and children[edit]

While Ranna is romantically linked and involved with Phelan Kell, there is no "marriage" within the Clan warrior caste. Regardless, the two remain a deadly and feared sight on the battlefield, and both spend as much time off the battlefield together as possible. Khan Kell has stated that he would withhold his genetic material from his Clan's eugenics program until Ranna won her bloodname, this way they could jointly achieve virtual immortality in the Clans by having sibkos created from their joint genetic material.


While fighting on Chara as part of Operation SCOUR, the Fourth Wolf Guards faced two Divisions of Protectorate Militia forces. A freak strike to the cockpit of her 'Mech killed Ranna Kerensky. Her troops were unable to recover her body.[1]

Philosophical and/or political views[edit]

Ranna had always been of the Warden mindset, unlike her counterpart Vlad who was a staunch Crusader. She has gained a much greater appreciation for the Inner Sphere and their warriors not only through Phelan, but also other freeborn warriors as well. Now as a member of the Exiled Wolves, her views and position as a defender of the Inner Sphere against Crusader aggression is absolute.


Unlike many other members of the Clan Warrior Caste, Ranna indulged in other hobbies outside of warfare, and was a competent painter. All over her cabin aboard the JumpShip Dire Wolf she had various paintings and works of art that she had created.

Character Notes[edit]


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