Rasalhague (Individual Leviathan-class WarShip)

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Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Leviathan


Construction began on the Leviathan-class battleship Rasalhague in the shipyards above Alshain prior to 3067,[1] and before even entering service the Rasalhague was the subject of a fiercely-fought Trial of Possession issued by Clan Nova Cat that saw both the Nova cats and Ghost Bears take heavy losses.[2][3]

The Jihad[edit]


Launched in December 3069,[4] the Rasalhague went on to take an active role in the Ghost Bear Dominion campaign against the Word of Blake during the Jihad. As the allied coalition created by Devlin Stone began striking against Word of Blake Protectorate worlds the combined Ghost Bear Dominion and Clan Snow Raven task force which had agreed to support the coalition struck at a number of Blakist worlds on the 21st of July 3076. Dyev was one of the worlds targeted by the Clan forces, along with the nearby worlds of Kervil, Ko, Lambrecht, Moore and Sabik.[5][6]

The Word of Blake launched a counter-assault on Dyev in mid-December, with the Blakist ground troops receiving support from a number of WarShips and Pocket WarShips.[6][7] However, the Blakist vessels had to take on three Clan WarShips[8] - the CGB Rasalhague, the Nightlord-class battleship CGB Ursa Major and the Clan Snow Raven Aegis-class CSR Scabbard. As the Blakist WarShips and their accompanying Pocket WarShips and Assault DropShips engaged the Clan WarShips, a second Blakist force arrived and delivered multiple troop DropShips onto Dyev, with two-thirds of the troops surviving and dispersing to avoid orbital bombardment from the Clan ships. The Scabbard was lost, but the Clan WarShips exacted a heavy toll on the Blakist forces,[9] destroying the Whirlwind-class destroyer Fire Fang, the Aegis-class heavy cruiser WoBS Righteous Fury and the Congress-class frigate WoBS Hollings York.[10]


One of twenty-six allied WarShips to form a part of Task Force EARTHBOUND, the Rasalhague was directly involved in battling the Blakist SDS network around Terra in support of the allied coalition landings.[11] Despite supporting the allied coalition forces, Khan Aletha Kabrinski of the Ghost Bears was adamant that neither the Rasalhague nor any other Clan vessel would engage in orbital bombardment against targets on Terra, which was viewed as the sacred creché of humanity.[12]

The Rasalhague was the only Leviathan-class battleship to survive the Jihad.[13]

Second Combine-Ghost Bear War[edit]

In 3099 the Rasalhague was assigned to raid the Draconis Combine system code-named Bikini Atoll. Leading a flotilla of JumpShips that carried six Stars of Pocket WarShips and aerospace fighter carriers, it arrived on 18 December 3099. The Draconis Combine Admiralty had stationed the factory ships Yamato and Ryū in the system, guarded by the Amber Lotus and three Okinawa-class DropShips.[14] All the Combine ships in the system were destroyed.[15]


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