Raul Barrett

Raul Barrett
Affiliation Barrett's Fusiliers
Parents Alonzo Barrett (father)
Children Nikita Barrett


Raul Barrett (b. ???? - d. 3057) was second commander of the mercenary unit "Barrett's Fusiliers".[1]


Raul Barrett was the son of Alonzo Barrett, a former member of the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces who founded his own mercenary unit, Barrett's Fusiliers, after resigning from the 3rd Royal Guards just before the turn of the millennium. Raul's father died in 3035, while the Fusiliers were in service to the Free Worlds League, and Raul went on to command the Fusiliers in his father's place.[1]

Although the relationship between the League and the Fusiliers had begun to wane by the time Thomas Marik launched Operation Guerrero, Raul and the Fusiliers still took part in the operation. The Fusiliers would fight on Shuen Wan before receiving orders to support the Capellan Confederation forces also engaged in Guerrero and were well treated by the Capellans, in part due to the professionalism the Fusiliers displayed when Raul Barrett died[1] and his daughter Nikita assumed command of the Fusiliers, proving himself in combat on Old Kentucky.[2]


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