Vessel Profile
Type "Transport"


The Rawhide was a spaceship of unspecified type, described as a "massive jump transport". From the context it would have been either a large JumpShip, or a military transport WarShip (such as the Carrack, Volga, or even Potemkin class). It had joined General Kerensky's Operation Exodus and was was subsequently mothballed at the Norfolk Boneyard (Exodus Fleet Station Five) far out in the Strana Mechty system. When Clan Wolverine attempted to secede from Clan culture and return to the Inner Sphere, the Rawhide was among the ships they reactivated from the boneyard on 8 October 2823.[1]

In July 2824, Clan Wolverine was caught by the Clan Grand Fleet at Barbados and vanquished. The space battles in the system saw almost all Wolverine vessels captured or destroyed; only a very small number escaped. The specific fate of the Rawhide was not mentioned.[2]


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