Receiver Unit


A Receiver Unit was a special implant designed to be used in conjunction with bionic or cybernetic sensory implants to receive images or sounds from a friendly source. Implanted in the agent's chest so that a simple X-ray scan would dismiss it as something innocuous like a medical monitoring device, the device received signals from the agent's sensory implants via wireless connection. When connected to an agent's eyes the transmitter could send visual communication to someone up to 100 meters away, while connection with the ears allowed the same in the form of audio. Changing the frequency the receiver operated on could only be done via remote signals from a partner's console.[1]

Only members of the intelligence agencies of the Great Houses had access to these implants, and attempting to acquire them on the black market was extremely difficult. Even if the surgery necessary to implant the device was successful there was a chance the agent's body would reject the implant, requiring a second more dangerous surgical procedure, along with a chance of permanent disability or madness. Due to the metabolic demands of the implant the agent also suffered from chronic headaches which required constant medication every six hours (and resulted in many becoming addicted to the painkillers). Wounds sustained to the implanted area were also more difficult to heal and recovery time was longer.[1]

Among the Manei Domini this upgrade was available to all agents and up to two could be implanted, in any combination of transmitter, receiver, communication or recorder units.[2]


In RPG play a Receiver Unit has the equipment rating D/C/F, costs 2,000 and has a range of 100 meters.[1] In CBT play Manei Domini with Receiver implants receive a one-time modifier of +1 to their force's Initiative Roll.[2]


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