Redmond's Broadswords

Redmond's Broadswords
Unit Profile (as of 3057)
Disbanded 2971 (see text)

Redmond's Broadswords were one of the mercenary units involved in Thaddeus Marik's ill-fated Operation Killing Stroke in 2950. When his planned invasion of the Lyran Commonwealth was stymied by an uncooprative parliament who withdrew over 18 of the projected 30 regiments of troops, Marik rotated in Marik Militia forces and filled the shortfalls with ten mercenary units—among them Redmond's Broadswords, Carson's Renegades and the Langendorf Lancers—whom he paid from his family's personal funds. A truncated invasion plan was executed which was marginally successful after a costly three-year campaign.[1]

In 2971 the Broadswords were sent to Loric under contract to Stephan Marik, as part of a major raiding force including the 3rd Regulan Hussars and eleven armor and infantry regiments. The Marik force was worn down in protracted fighting when ordered to stay on the planet despite having looted the world's wealthiest industries and enemy reinfocements arriving to turn the tide.[2]

Although it is not clearly spelled out when the unit was formally disbanded, Redmond's Broadswords were decimated on Loric in 2971 to the point that they would never again constitute an effective fighting force[2] and the unit was described as "since defunct" in a 3025 report.[1]


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