Reginald Marik (26th c.)

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Character History[edit]

Reginald Marik (b. ???? - d. 2584) was the son of Albert Marik and the brother of Marion Marik and Shannon Marik. Like his siblings Reginald served in the Free Worlds League Military and was killed during a daring raid on New Vandenberg during the Reunification War. Both Reginald and Shannon were killed whilst serving as a part of the Star League campaign to conquer the Taurian Concordat.[1][2]

Before his death in action Reginald often served as deputy and assistant to Marion.[3] It was Reginald's death on New Vandenberg that prompted the Free Worlds League parliament to recall Ian Marik from his post as military governor on Canopus in 2586 over fears of all of the immediate heirs of the Captain-General being in danger as a result of them all serving in various combat commands during the Reunification War.[4]


Ian Marik was known to refer to Reginald Marik as "Uncle Regi".[5]


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