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The layout of the Lyran Commonwealth and later the Lyran Alliance changed over the decades. The at the beginning of the 31st century the High Command divided the state in different regional commands. The fusion with the Federated Suns to the Federated Commonwealth lead to the development of a similar structure like in the Suns. [1] With the split in the 3050 the new Alliance recreate the system as an combination of both systems.[1]


The LCAF divide the realm into thierteen equal pieces. An inner ring of 4 district are the last line of defenses (usually 4 commands) against enemy forces. An outer circle of 13 Theaters of Operation are the obstacles against invasion attempts of the neighbors. A normal Theater fields 5 regiment sized command. The dimensions are 30 parsecs to 18 parsecs. [2] The title Margrave is assigned to each of the frontline commanding officers. The title is non heritable and is used by the Archon to enforce his will with the use of the Margrave as military ruler. The responsibility includes all planets within the theater. Should the Margrave had children they get after the death of the title holder a little baronage and a preferred entry to one of the academies. [3]

Border Theater of Operation Commanding Officer + Aide Strength
Draconis Combine Trellshire Theater [2] General Jerry Troka
(Margrave of Trellshire)
Kommandant-General Kevin Dranby
6 regiments
2 battalions
Tamar Theater[2] General Nondi Steiner (Margrave of Tamar Theater)
(Duchess of Gallery)
Kommandant-General Mitch Felspar
10 regiments
Ryde Theater [4] General Jack Sphire
(Margrave of Ryde Theater)
Kommandant-General Rainer Poulin
7 regiments
1 battalion
Free Worlds League Wyatt Theater [4] General Victor Joss
(Margrave of Wyatt Theater)
Hauptmann-General Sarah Joss
6 regiments
Ford Theater [4] General Stephen Neil
(Margrave of Ford Theater)
Kommandant-General Tyron Brickly
6 regiments
Cavanaugh Theater[4] General Iris Steiner
(Margrave of Cavanaugh Theater)
(Duchess of Furillo)
Kommandant-General Mitchell Henders
6 regiments
Periphery Timbuktu Theater[5] General Donald Groves
(Margrave of Timbuktu Theater)
Kommandant-General Richards Okidala
5 regiments
Main Street Theater[5] General Phillip Gronv
(Margrave of Main Street Theater)
Hauptmann-General Isak Berrymann
5 regiments
Bone Theater[5] General Marti Lyons
(Margrave of Bone Theater)
Kommandant-General Olaf Dinesen
6 regiments
Military District 1
Hauptmann-General Mark Kostic
Leutnant-General Fay Nichols
4 regiments
Military District 2
Hauptmann-General Mona Fleury
Hauptmann-General Tatyana O’Timmons
4 regiments
Military District 3
(Hesperus II)[6]
Hauptmann-General Cliff Byas
Leutnant-General John Weldon
4 regiments
Military District 4
Hauptmann-General Francis Bergsma
Leutnant-General Dean Forney
5 regiments
1 company


From the end of the Fourth Succession War until the start of the War of 3039 the High Command developed a unique system to handle the regional military matters. The Davion System (Marches + Polymorphous Defense Zone [PDZ]) and the Steiner structure (Military Theaters + Districts) were merged to one:

  • The command replaced the PDZ, but is only one third of a former Theater.
  • Operation Area is the new name for Theater (Lyran) respectively Combat Theater (Suns).
  • 2 - 3 of such Operation Areas form a march of in the Lyran part of the Federated Commonwealth, because the Davion Marches doesn't change.

The new structure of the Lyran half. [7]

March Parts
Sarna March[7] conquered Liao planets
4 FWL planets
Tamar March[7] Bone Theater
Trellshire Theater
Tamar Theater
Skye March[7] Federation of Skye
FWL planets
Tamarind March[7] Ford Theater
Cavanaugh Theater
Periphery March[7] Timbuktu Theater
Main Street Theater


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