Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Buccaneer


The Reibach was a Buccaneer-class DropShip of unspecified ownership, presumably from the Lyran Commonwealth. On 18 November 3027 it was subject to a faux "customs inspection" at the zenith jump point in the Outreach system, which was then primarily a transit system for good ferried into the Capellan Confederation. During the customs inspection, Capellan forces exchanged crates from the cargo hold for similar crates from their own K-1 DropShuttle and provided the Lyran businessman Simon Kincaid with the frozen body of a man he wanted dead. It is implied that the Reibach smuggled a consignment of stolen Double Heat Sinks into the Confederation, a revolutionary technology that the Lyrans were manufacturing for the Federated Suns at the time.