Remagen Crucis March Militia

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Remagen Crucis March Militia
Unit Profile (as of 3062)
Parent Formation Crucis March Militia

The Remagen Crucis March Militia defended the Remagen PDZ and Nunivak Combat Region.


The original Remagen Combat Region was renamed the Nunivak Combat Region following the formation of the Federated Commonwealth, but the Remagen CMM refused to change their name.[1]

A brigade of the Remagen Crucis March Militia participated in the Second Battle of New Avalon, fighting on behalf of the Loyalists.[2] This reduced the RCT to approximately half-strength, with the armored regiments sustaining the most casualties. The AeroSpace Wing remained at full strength.[3]

During the Jihad the Remagen Crucis March Militia was kept busy fighting pirates and the forces of breakaway nations like the Malagrotta Cooperative. The first major combat between the Remagen CrMM and the pirate bands operating out of the Cooperative occurred on the world of Baranda on the 1st of September 3075; under the command of Major General Raymond-Roger Marsin the Remagen CrMM soundly defeated a pirate incursion originating from within the Malagrotta region.[4][5] This was the beginning of an escalating series of battles between the Remagen CrMM and pirate bands operating under the auspices of the Cooperative. In December the Remagen CrMM worked with the Islamabad CrMM to establish a range of pickets on the Federated Suns worlds of Adelson, Agliana, Baranda, Estuan and June. Bolstering their combined strength with additional conventional regiments, the two CrMMs had effectively blockaded the entire Federated Suns/Malagrotta Cooperative border by the end of 3075, even as the Filtvelt Coalition were doing the same on their shared border with the Cooperative.[6][7]

On the 7th of March 3076 the Remagen CrMM began combat operations directly against the Cooperative, with an assault on the world of Gronholt. The defenders on Gronholt consisted of a couple of companies of pirate forces drawn from the Death's Consorts and miscellaneous smaller hired bands, and were quickly broken; the few surviving pirates retreated to the nearby world of Great Gorge, and Gronholt was reincorporated back into the Federated Suns.[7][8] This was done with the help of some minor mercenary units like the Wyld Stallions.[9]

As a result of the combat seen during the Jihad the Remagen CrMM is one of the most experienced commands in the Crucis March Militia organization. To honor their service, the Princess-Regent ordered the Remagen CrMM to maintain a "double LCT" formation, rather than the Light Combat Team used by other March Militia units. The Remagen CrMM has deployed one formation on June and the other is garrisoning Gronholt.[10]

After the creation of the Periphery March the Remagen Crucis March Militia was used to form the 1st Periphery Guard unit. This required the AFFS to create a new Remagen Crucis March Militia unit from the ground up. The new LCT hadn't received its full complement of BattleMechs, but the preponderance of brand new conventional armor and battle armored troops made up for this lack. The loss of so much experience to the Periphery Guards has affected the unit's skill level however. Like all post-Jihad Crucis March Militia units, the new Remagen CrMM was equipped with an engineering company of IndustrialMechs and engineering vehicles to rebuild the damage their garrison world suffered during the Jihad.[11]


As of 3025 the unit is commanded by Major General Xerxes Davion.[12]

In 3050 the Remagen CrMM was commanded by Leftenant General Bertram Winn.[13]

As of 3054 the commanding officer was Leftenant General Hans Scheller.[14] He was still in command in 3062.[1]

As of 3067 the commanding officer was Major General Jamie Francis.[3]

As of 3085 the commanding officer was Leftenant General Stuart Vanschoyk.[15]


The Remagen CMM was skilled in night operations and using infantry to sabotage enemy command posts, supply dumps, and communications systems.[1] These skills transferred to the First Periphery Guards. The newly built Remagen CrMM had no tactical specialty in 3085.[16]

Composition History[edit]


Remagen Crucis March Militia (Green/Reliable)[12]

  • CO: Major General Xerxes Davion


Remagen CrMM (Regular/Reliable)[17]


Remagen CrMM (Regular/Reliable)[13]

  • CO: Leftenant General Bertram Winn


Remagen CrMM (Regular/Reliable)[14]

  • CO: Leftenant General Hans Scheller


Remagen Crucis March Militia (1 Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[1]

  • CO: Lieutenant General Hans Scheller

Remagen CMM Aerospace Wing (1 Wing/Regular/Reliable)[1]

  • CO: Lieutenant General Jaime Francis

Remagen CMM Armor Brigade (2 Regiments/Regular/Reliable)[1]

  • CO: Lieutenant General Lucy Davion

Remagen CMM Infantry Brigade (5 Regiments/Regular/Reliable)[1]

  • CO: Lieutenant Mika Scarletta


Remagen CrMM (Regular/Questionable)[3]

  • CO: Major General Jamie Francis

Remagen CrMM Aerospace Wing (Veteran/Reliable)[3]

Remagen CrMM Armor Brigade (Regular/Questionable)[3]

  • CO: Leftenant General Aiko Hiriki

Remagen CrMM Infantry Brigade (Green/Questionable)[3]

  • CO: Leftenant General Gerald Links


The frequent anti-pirate activities of the Remagen CrMM reduced the unit by approximately 30%. Though this would be a problem for a full fledged RCT, the double LCT formation used by the Remagen CrMM hasn't suffered.[10]


Remagen CrMM LCT (Veteran/Reliable)[15]

  • CO: Leftenant General Stuart Vanschoyk

Remagen CrMM Aerospace Wing (Regular/Questionable)[15]

Remagen CrMM Armor Brigade (Veteran/Fanatical)[15]

  • CO: Leftenant General Olga Andersson

Remagen CrMM Infantry Brigade (Veteran/Reliable)[15]

  • CO: Leftenant General Kobe Elwood



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