Renegades Cooperative

Renegades Cooperative
Colors/Badge black and green
Stable Profile
Experience Regular
Rating D
Faction Affiliation none
Units Used
BattleMechs 15

The Renegades were one of the many struggling Cooperatives operating on Solaris VII.[1] [2]


Founded in 3043, the Renegades Cooperative's early years saw them rapidly rise up the Solaris rankings until a string of defeats against the Silver Dragon and Bromley Stables cost the Renegades several of their best machines. Their momentum broken by this, the Renegades would struggle to hang on for the next decade, its 'Mech in good care but frequently broke, relying on the skills of those willing to join this MechWarrior collective. In 3061 the Renegades finally looked to have turned a corner when it absorbed the even more worse off Hangmen Cooperative, with two of its warrior just shy of the Top Twenty[2] and one member even fighting during the 3062 Grand Tournament.[3]

Unfortunately during the Riots of 3062, the Renegades chose to exploit the unstable situation, carving out their own little territory in Silesia's fashionable upper east side and striking a non-aggression pact between them and Black Lions Cooperative in Montengro to secure that portion of the Silesia-Montengro border between them. Unable to truly control their new territory, a massive wave of criminals from Cathay's Maze took advantage of this, looting expanding into an armed occupation of the Riverside district. With the Renegades dubbed closet-Davionist for their actions by the Lyran Alliance media, by 16 August 3062 Victor Vandergriff would lead numerous sorties to reclaim the district for the Lyrans, by this stage defeating two Renengade 'Mechs.[4]

Though the Renegades would ultimately survive the riots, it lost its two highest ranked warriors in the process and with them its hopes of a resurgent showing in the the games, only just recovering from their loss by 3067.[2]

The Renegades Cooperative suffered heavy losses during the Word of Blake occupation of Solaris in the early stages of the Jihad, after members of the Renegades joined a major resistance cell made of the Pentastars Gang and Hombres Stables out in Nowhere, the Blakists ultimately eliminating the cell. [5] Surviving the Occupation, a review of the financial position of Solaris corporations and stables in 3072 secured by Hachiman Taro Electronics indicated the Renegades had suffered loses of 53%, with its status at this point unknown.[6]


The Renegades are known for their rough and tumble family atmosphere, fully supportive of its members. Unlike many cooperatives, the Renegades have fairly tight admission process - each prospect must have a sponsor within the Renegades and by approved by a two-thirds vote. In 3051 they had an initiation fee of 500 C-Bills and 20% contract percentage fee. [1] By 3067 this had risen to 625 C-Bills with a 30% percentage fee. [2]


Miles Stafford was the leader of the cooperative as of 3067. A former member of the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth Stafford quit just before the outbreak of the FedCom Civil War. Bringing his family's Wolverine with him, he found a berth with the Renegades, becoming its leader following the death of his predecessor in 3062. While an able pilot, Stafford's leadership skills are rather lacking, contributing to the cooperative's issues.[2]

Notable Personnel[edit]


  • Gerald Knight - Fought in the 3062 Grand Tournament, knocked out 14 August 3062.[3]

Tactics and Style[edit]

Aside from an affinity for the arenas of the Reaches, the Renegades show no unified fighting style. In fact, even in group matches each member of the Renegades fights for himself, a lack of coordination that opponents are quick to exploit.[2]

Game Notes[edit]

Any time more than one Renegades 'Mech is in a match, all Renegade warriors suffer a -2 initiative penalty. This is reduced to only -1 if fighting in any of the Reaches arenas - Hartford Gardens, King of the Mountain, The Scrapyard, The Pool or The Mud Pit. [7]


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