Republic Disaster Management Agency


The Republic Disaster Management Agency (RDMA) was an agency initially established within the Republic of the Sphere to provide funding and expert advice in reconstruction and rebuilding damage inflicted by the Word of Blake.[1]


Established in the wake of the Jihad from a gestalt grouping of aid agencies and programs which had been formed to deal with the damage inflicted by the Bloody Tricentennial attacks across human space, the RDMA expanded to offer expert advice on dealing with the aftermath of Word of Blake attacks or terrorist damage, as well as funding for local reconstruction.[1]

The RDMA was initially only operational within the boundaries of the Republic of the Sphere, but the Republic government drew up plans in 3081 to offer the services of the RDMA to those groups and nations which had ratified the Republic Formation Treaty. Within months of being formally established the RDMA had attracted a generous donation from Hachiman Taro Electronics in memory of Chandrasekhar Kurita and it was reported that a number of corporations in the Federated Suns and Lyran Alliance were considering investing in the RDMA.[1]


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