Richard Adams

Richard Adams
Affiliation Star League Defense Force

Richard Adams (b. ???? – d. ????) was a Colonel in the Star League Defense Force during the Reunification War.[1]


Colonel Richard Adams was the Commanding Officer of the Star League Defense Force 92nd Assault Infantry in 2583. The 92nd Assault Infantry was attached to the 56th Brigade and acted as the garrison for the world of Obrenovac, a Magistracy of Canopus world conquered by the SLDF task force in March 2583. Adams' was responsible for meeting with the leaders of local civilian protests, strikes and demonstrations that were putting the planetary capital at risk of paralysis in the aftermath of the initial occupation; by reassuring the protest leaders that the SLDF would honour their right to peaceful protest provided the protests remained peaceful and non-violent, Adams ensured that the protestors would police themselves. As a result, despite a few months of tension there were few actual incidents between the 92nd and the local population, and within a handful of years life on Obrenovac had returned to it's pre-war norms.[1]



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