Richard Burr

Richard Burr
Died 3068
Affiliation Burr's Black Cobras
Children Dana Burr

Richard Burr was the Mercenary Commander for the Burr's Black Cobras until his death in 3068.

Colonel Burr was running Burr's Black Cobras on Halloran V. After the running into Spectre and his crew on Wernke, he would attack with his company of mechs.[1]


Burr was a changed man in the wake of the Nanking debacle, developing a fanatical drive to see the Black Cobras restored along with an intense hatred of Thomas Marik.[2]

Other Appearances[edit]

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Colonel Burr: "This is Colonel Burr of the Black Cobra's. Today my boy, you are going to get a lesson in payback!"
-- Colonel Burr to Spectre after the events of Halloran V.

  • Richard Burr appears in the MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries PC game as an enemy called "Colonel Burr". Colonel Burr would encounter Spectre on Talon/Wernke, harboring a grudge if he decided to destroy Lt. Dunman's lance on Halloran V. Colonel Burr Pilots a Summoner Omnimech that is possible for it to be salvaged after the battle. However, he has the option to fight or avoid him depending on the choice to forego the Werkne/Talon Campaign, where he could be killed.[1]

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