Robert Brewster

Robert Brewster
Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip
Class Merchant


The Merchant-class JumpShip Robert Brewster was in service with the Customs Service of the New Delphi Compact when it was encountered by Interstellar Expeditions in 3090. The Robert Brewster was the first New Delphi Compact vessel to make contact with the expedition JumpShip IES Marco Polo under the command of Captain Bannon Jacobi, and while the Robert Brewster highlighted the existance of the deadly Delphi Curse virus to the Marco Polo and gave the expedition permission to visit various New Delphi Compact systems, the Robert Brewster advised the expedition not to land on any Compact worlds, and the crew of the Robert Brewster were unwilling to meet with any members of the Marco Polo's crew in person.[1]

The age of the Robert Brewster is uncertain; the New Delphi Compact was founded by refugees from the Outworlds Alliance and Taurian Concordat fleeing the Reunification War, with the first colony being founded in 2587, with a further seven worlds being colonized between 2587 and 2602, and four more worlds between 2602 and 2752. Interstellar Expeditions determined that the New Delphi Compact possessed a shipyard capable of manufacturing DropShips and servicing JumpShips - albeit slowly - the expedition didn't locate a facility capable of manufacturing JumpShips.[1] It is possible that the Robert Brewster dates back to the original colonization of the New Delphi Compact.


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