Robert Larson


Robert "Bubba" Larson (b. ???? - d. ????) was the Chief Executive Officer of Tao MechWorks on Styk until his removal by the Capellan Confederation government for industrial espionage on the 1st of September 3080.[1][2]


There is some evidence to suggest that during the Jihad Tao MechWorks sponsored some corporate sabotage efforts against the Earthwerks Incorporated plant on Grand Base.[3] As a result, the Capellan government nationalised the Tao MechWorks plant on Styx on the 1st of September 3080 as a punishment.[2]

As CEO of Tao MechWorks at the time, Larson initially claimed that the covert operations were conducted as a ploy by the Word of Blake, but agents from the Maskirovka uncovered information implicating Larson directly in the strikes against the Earthwerks factory sites, which had resulted in the destruction of a plant constructing fusion engines. Sang-jiang-jun Talon Zahn justified the nationalisation of Tao MechWorks by stating that the act of espionage, intended to secure a greater market share for Tao MechWorks, had undermined the security of the Confederation as a whole. The first stage of the nationalisation of the Styk plant involved the removal of all senior executives at the factory, including Larson, along with the majority of the middle management.[1]


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