Robert Yearly

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Robert Yearly Was a competitor in the 3066 Solaris VII championships, Jungle Assault, and the Grand Championship. He Piloted a Sunder, with a Heavy Gauss Rifle, two ER Medium Laser's, an ER PPC. and lastly one Clan LRM 20. The Heavy Gauss Rifle is in the left arm (nothing in the right), the two ER Medium Laser's are in the Left-torso, the ER PPC is in the Right-torso, Lastly the LRM 20 is in the Center-torso.

His Heavy Mech was a Catapult with two ER Large Laser's and one Large X-Pulse Lasers (one) . The two ER Large Laser's are in the Left and Right Torso, the X-Pulse Lasers (one) is in the Center-torso.