Robots are autonomous machines first built during the Star League era. These advanced pieces of technology were designed to perform simple, repetitive tasks too menial or dangerous for normal human workers. As such, robots were prolific on many worlds throughout the Star League, especially those planets hostile to human life.[1]

The Succession Wars had a negative effect on technological progress, of which robots suffered similarly. While the ability to build robots has survived, luxuries such as limited artificial intelligence has become lostech. Some robots have the capacity for independent action, but not independent thought. Robots are therefore a rare find in the thirty-first century, though they have been spotted on the battlefield when their owners lack proper combat machines. [1]

The three most well-known manufacturers of robots were New Earth Trading Company, Ulsop Robotics and Nirasaki Computers Collective, which combined in a joint effort to create the infamous Space Defense System. Neither Ulsop nor Nirasaki survived the collapse of the League, and though NETC would survive the conflicts it lost much of the know-how to create such advanced machines.[2]



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