Rock Gila

Rock Gila
Creature information
Type Lizard
Homeworld Antallos (?)
Environment unknown
Average mass 24kg
Average length  ???
Average height  ???
Creature stats
System MechWarrior, Second Edition

The Rock Gila is a large and agile lizard species with a hard, chitinous skin all over its body. Rock Gilas attack with their claws and teeth. Context suggests them to be at least dog-sized, though no exact size is known.


Conjecture suggests its homeworld is Antallos. In 3057 a street gang on Antallos possessed two trained Rock Gilas which, when ordered, would fight tenaciously until killed or subdued.


Game Rules[edit]

Under MechWarrior, Second Edition rules, their skin absorbs two points of ballistic damage whenever they are hit, down to a minimum of 1 point of damage per successful attack on them.


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