Royce Chapman

Royce Chapman (born ???? - died 30??) was a warrior of Clan Steel Viper who rose to the posting of Khan during the latter part of the Political Century.[1][2]


Stalling the Great Debate[edit]

Born to a Bloodname House known for its Elementals[3], Royce Chapman was Khan of his Clan by the time Clan Ghost Bear Khan Nadia Winson called for the Grand Council to vote for an invasion of the Inner Sphere. Seeking to stall such an invasion, Khan Kerlin Ward of Clan Wolf was able to convince Khan Chapman and his saKhan that their plans to establish a new Star League with the governments of the Inner Sphere was best served by his proposal to send a reconnaissance force to ascertain the strengths of the Great Houses. Khan Chapman and his saKhan had previously withheld their votes regarding the question to invade the Inner Sphere, and their Clan was divided between the Crusader and the Warden political philosophies. The Viper Khans' decision to side with the Warden faction for this vote angered several Crusader Clans - especially Clan Jade Falcon - by voting to send what would eventually become the Wolf's Dragoons on this mission. Their votes were enough to tip the scale in Khan Ward's favor, and any Crusader invasion plans were stalled for decades to come.[1][2]

Title and Position[edit]

Preceded by
Khan of Clan Steel Viper
29?? - 30??[2]

Succeeded by


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