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Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Texas


The Texas-class battleship SLS Perth was one of the Star League Defense Force WarShips to survive the Hegemony Campaign that liberated Terra from the forces of Stefan Amaris. The Perth followed General Aleksandr Kerensky on the Exodus, but when the Pentagon Civil War began to erupt on the various worlds settled by the SLDF refugees in the Deep Periphery the Perth was one of the ships which didn't follow Nicholas Kerensky and his followers to Strana Mechty, instead remaining behind in the Pentagon worlds.[1]

When Nicholas Kerensky launched his new Clans on a campaign to conquer the Pentagon worlds named Operation KLONDIKE in July 2821 the Perth was one of two ships found to be guarding Arcadia, presumably under the control of one of the many factions on that planet at the time. After securing the naval cache in the Arcadia system, two Clan WarShips operating under the overall command of Khan Absalom Truscott jumped from the naval cache in the Arcadia system to pirate points arond the planet, as did two Clan WarShips originally assigned to secure the Arcadia jump point. Two of these ships approached the Perth; the Perth responded by issuing a warning challenge to the two Clan WarShips, but surrendered when it was bracketed by warning salvoes from the Clan vessels. The Perth was then boarded and seized by Clan forces; when Clan technicians subsequently examined the Perth, they discovered that only a handful of the weapons aboard the Perth were still functional at the time.[1]


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