SRM-4 (Battle Armor)

Production information
Type Missile
Tech Base IS/Clan
Year Availability 3050 (FC) / 2868 (CWF)
Technology Rating Clan = F

IS = E

Availability Ratings X/X/D
Technical specifications
Damage 2/Missile
Short Range 3
Medium Range 6
Long Range 9
Mass Clan = 240/150(OS)

IS = 140/80(OS) kg

Space Slots 2/3(OS)
Mass Per Reload 40kg
Cost (unloaded) 20,000[1]
BV (2.0) 39/8(OS)[2]
Ammo BV (2.0) 5[2]


The SRM-4 is a four-tube short-range missile launcher mounted on battle armor suits. SRMs were already one of the most powerful weapons available for conventional infantry, and so following their introduction they quickly became a favorite weapon of battle suit designs. More bulky than the portable launchers carried by infantry, the reliable SRM-4 benefits from the advanced fire controls and stability provided by battle armor while remaining smaller per tube than vehicular launchers.[3]

The drawback to the small size is that the SRM-4's ammunition is directly integrated into the launcher; should one of the tubes be damaged, missiles tied to it cannot be fed to the other tube to be launched. The small size also means a more limited range of specialty ammunition is available - Inferno, Torpedo or Multi-Purpose Missiles - given the lack of storage space and alternative loading mechanisms. Enhanced targeting gear like Artemis IV cannot be connected to the launcher.[3]


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