Raven's Nest

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Raven's Nest
Vessel Profile
Previous names Sardis
Type WarShip
Class Thera


The Thera-class carrier Sardis was under construction in 3059 and was due to enter service with the Free Worlds League black water navy in 3062, becoming the second-of-class vessel of her class, following the earlier FWLS Santorini. Also under construction at the time were a pair of Eagle-class frigates intended to serve as escorts for the Sardis, the FWLS Bedevere and FWLS Tristram.[1]

All three ships were still serving together in 3067.[2] The Sardis was suborned by the Word of Blake and would fight in their service until the battle for Dieron in 3077;[3] Clan Snow Raven forces in the system managed to capture the Sardis, which they later brought into service as a part of their touman under the name SRS Raven's Nest.[4] Both of the escort vessels to the Sardis were suborned by the Blakists as well; one, the Tristram, was destroyed in the same battle at Dieron that saw the Sardis captured; the other, the Bedevere, went on to fight for the Blakists at Gibson where she was destroyed in 3078.[3]


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