Sabanillas Mining Company

Sabanillas Mining Company
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Sabanillas
Primary Products Mining

Sabanillas Mining Company is one of the more notable mining concerns on the mineral-rich Outback world of Sabanillas.[1]

Company Profile[edit]

New Avalon Stock & Commodities Symbol: Unknown

Home Office: Sabanillas[1]


Sabanillas Mining Company achieved a measure of fame during the Word of Blake Jihad for its introduction of an Experimental Technology upgrade of the venerable Merlin. The brain child of retired AFFS major Caleb Gruber, the MLN-SX was an extensive "garage-level" refit that required heavy use of SMC's MiningMech repair and reassembly facilities, with three examples serving to ward off increased strikes against the Outback and the Filtvelt Coalition by vagabond pirates stirred up by the Jihad.[1]


Sabanillas Mining Company has a "manufacturing center" on the following planet:


Components produced on Sabanillas:
Component Type
MLN-SX Merlin[1] Heavy BattleMech


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