Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip
Class Explorer


The Sacajawea was an Explorer-class JumpShip owned and operated initially by Interstellar Expeditions. At some point prior to 3067, it was commandeered by Dr. Brooklyn Stevens and her crew when they broke away from IE in what was apparently not an amicable split. However, IE seemed to tolerate them taking the ship and even approached Stevens later with a job offer, seeking reconciliation. Stevens and her crew used the ship when they recovered the Chalice of Uston DeKirk from Rocky, and also during their quest to find Jardine, "the Atlantis of our time".

The Sacajawea was heavily modified. Most importantly, it had traded minor luxuries for added armor and weapons. The enhanced armament was sufficient to fight off pirate raids, as the crew had repeatedly demonstrated.[1]

Where other vessels of the class usually carried an observatory, high-powered radio telescopes and a holographic "planetarium" chamber, the Sacajawea carried a single conference room and something resembling a library of both hardcopy and electronic files.[2]


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