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System information
Spectral class F[1]


Sador (Gamma Cygni) is an F-class star, described to be located 815 light years from the Sol system. It was not specified if it features any planets to form a star system, but even if so, the system would presumably be uninhabited.

In 3002 Sador was visited by the Explorer Corps vessel ECV Herschel which studied the star for six weeks before moving on to the nearby Cygnus X-1 binary star system.[1]


  • Gamma Cygni (aka Sador, Sadir or Sadr, from arabic Sadr al Dedjadjet) is a real F8-class star located approximately 1,800 light years from the Sol system. Its BattleTech counterpart that was visited by the Herschel was said to lie only 815 light years from Sol[1] This is notable insofar as the farthest Explorer Corps mission up to that time was explicitly described as a voyage to the Orion Nebula 1,600 light years away. Similarly, the Herschel reportedly traveled a "short distance" to Cygnus X-1 which may seem to be nearby within the Cygnus constellation as seen from earth, but is actually some 6,070 light years away from the Sol system (almost 2.5 times further away than Sador, and roughly 7.5 times as far away as reported).


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