Sanal Wolf

Sanal Wolf
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Star Colonel

Sanal (b. ???? - d. ???) was a Trueborn warrior and the commanding officer of Clan Wolf's Dorbeng Garrison Cluster immediately following the Battle of Tukayyid in 3052.


Regarded as the weakest warrior of the Kerensky Bloodline, Sanal had been one of the last graduates from the disgraced Blue Trinity Sibko Cooperative, disbanded for reportedly engaging in illegal practices. Sanal had sustained four major injuries over seven years of active service in the Clan Wolf Touman, the latest coming as a result of her failed attempt to win a Bloodname in 3049, casting considerable doubt on her potential.[1]

Star Colonel Sanal was able to rise above these drawbacks, earning promotions and a certain level of reluctant respect from her fellow warriors for her strategic skills. Becoming a vocal supporter of the Warden political cause, her liberal views showed in her treatment of the Dorbeng Cluster's aging veterans and freebirth warriors; unusually for a trueborn, she did not scorn them or condescend towards them. Sanal held considerable animosity towards Anton Fetladral, commander of Epsilon Galaxy, for his draconian treatment of warriors who failed to follow his orders to the letter.[1]

Sanal piloted a Gargoyle assault OmniMech. She commanded the Sixteenth BattleMech Star in the Dorbeng Cluster's Sixteenth Garrison Trinary.[2]


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