Sanctum Arcanum

The Sanctum Arcanum is a section of the Unity Palace on Luthien built for the Order of the Five Pillars.

The Pillar Room[edit]

One of the most notable features of the Sanctum is the room holding the katana of Shiro Kurita. The katana is set on a black stand in the center of five pillars of ivory each representing some aspect of the Kurita code of honor.[1]

Pillar of Hippopotamus Ivory[edit]

The leftmost pillar is one made of a hippopotamus tusk taken from Thimphu. The pillar is as clear as glass and gives off sparks when struck with metal. It was chosen in order to represent the rigidity of the code.[1]

Pillar of Unfinished Ivory[edit]

The second pillar is one made of East African elephant ivory shipped in from Terra. This pillar is unfinished, and still brown and rough as it was when the elephant was alive. This pillar represents the Kuritan people, rough on the outside, but ready to be polished and formed into something better.[1]

Pillar of Monodon Ivory[edit]

The third pillar is crafted from a giant narwhal horn from the planet of Labrea. This pillar glows in the dark due to radioactive isotopes that seeped into the horn while it was buried in the ground. This pillar represents unity of the people in service to the dragon.[1]

Pillar of Mammoth Ivory[edit]

The fourth pillar is made from the tusk of a mammoth taken from Terra. Due to metallic salts that have leached into the ivory, the pillar is a turquoise blue color. This ivory was chose to represent the roots that the code has in Terran history.[1]

Pillar of Elephant Ivory[edit]

The last pillar is one made of East African elephant ivory shipped in from Terra. The ease of crafting this ivory is a representation of the flexibility of the Kuritan code when situations demand it.[1]


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