Below are two possible outputs using the [[Start date::]] and [[End date::]] properties I added to the pages for all of the wars in the Category:Wars category.

Scrollable Timeline[edit]

This one is for an outline of the novels

TimetableStart dateEnd date
A Bonfire of Worlds
A Call to Arms
A Rending of Falcons
A Silence in the Heavens
Apparent Catastrophe
Assumption of Risk
Betrayal of Ideals
Binding Force
Black Dragon (novel)
Blood Avatar
Blood Legacy15 January 305117 March 3052
Blood of Heroes
Blood of Kerensky (series)
Blood of the Isle
Bloodname (novel)
Blutige Jagd
Bred for War
By Blood Betrayed
By Temptations and By War
Call of Duty
Carlson's Cavaliers
Catastrophe Unlimited
Clangründer: Traum
Close Quarters
Dagger Point
Das Goldene Zeitalter
Daughter of the Dragon
Decision at Thunder Rift
Der Erbe
Die Albatros-Akte
Die Kanonen von Thunder Rock
Djinn of Despair
Dragon Rising
Duo Infernale
Embers of War
En Passant (novel)
Erster Kontrakt
Exodus Road (novel)
Falcon Guard (novel)
Falcon Rising
Fall from Glory
Fall from Grace
Far Country
Fire at Will
Flight of the Falcon
Folly's Children
Forgotten Worlds
Fortress Republic (novel)
Fortress of Lies
Freebirth (novel)18 June 30589 May 3059
Früchte voll Bitterkeit
Ghost War
Ghost of Winter
Grave Covenant
Hearts of Chaos
Heir Apparent
Heir to the Dragon
Heretic's Faith
Highlander Gambit
Hunters of the Deep
I Am Jade Falcon
Ideal War
Illusions of Victory
Im Schatten der Bestie
Imminent Crisis
Impetus of War
In Ungnade
Initiation to War
Isle of the Blessed
Kalkuliertes Chaos
Katze unter Bären
Legacy (Anthology)
Legend of the Jade Phoenix
Lethal Heritage19 May 304912 January 3051
Lost Destiny5 January 305220 June 3052
Main Event
Malicious Intent
Masters of War
Measure of a Hero
MechWarrior (omnibus)
Mercenary's Star (novel)
Mission Kiamba
Natural Selection
No Limits
Not the Way the Smart Money Bets
Operation Audacity
Operation Excalibur
Pandora's Gambit
Path of Glory
Patriot's Stand
Patriots and Tyrants
Phoenix (novel)
Prince of Havoc9 April 30605 November 3061
Principles of Desolation
Redemption Rift
Riskante Ziele
Roar of Honor13 February 305925 June 3062
Royal Flush
Service for the Dead
Shadows of War13 March 30609 April 3060
Sklave und Söldner
Soldat und Spion
Star Lord (novel)
Storms of Fate
Sturm auf Arc-Royal
Surrender Your Dreams
Sword and Fire3 January 306013 March 3060
Sword of Sedition
Tactics of Duty
Target of Opportunity
Test of Vengeance
The Art of War
The Capellan Solution (series)
The Dying Time
The Gauntlet
The Hunters12 August 30583 January 3060
The Killing Fields
The Last Charge
The Longest Day
The Mountain Wolf Renegades
The Nellus Academy Incident
The Price of Glory
The Proving Grounds (series)
The Ruins of Power
The Scorpion Jar
The Sword and the Dagger
Threads of Ambition
To Ride the Chimera
Trial by Chaos
Trial under Fire
Truth and Shadows
Twilight of the Clans (series)
Under the Shadows of the Stars
Wahnsinn und Methode
Warrior Trilogy
Warrior: Coupé
Warrior: En Garde
Warrior: Riposte
Way of the Clans
Wiege der Basilisken
Wolf Hunters (novel)
Wolf Pack
Wolves on the Border
Über dem Gesetz

Sortable Timetable[edit]

Wars TimelineStart dateEnd date
Second Soviet Civil WarNovember 2011March 2014
Outer Reaches Rebellion22362237
Stewart War22932293
Poznan Civil War23102320
Terran Alliance Civil War23142316
Federated Suns-Tikonov Grand Union/Capellan Hegemony War23442368
First Andurien War23982404
Rim War24182422
Long March Offensive24632468
Davion Civil War25252540
Ariana's War25282528
Second Andurien War25282531
Third Andurien War25512556
Reunification War25772597
Freebooter's War25842588
First Hidden War26812731
Second Hidden War27252729
Third Hidden War27412752
Amaris Civil War27662780
Republic-Commonwealth War27732775
First Succession War27862821
History of the Succession Wars27863030
Exodus Civil War28012822
Taurian-Canopian War28132813
Second Succession War28302864
ComStar War28372838
Third Succession War28663025
Marik Civil War (31st c.)30143015
Fourth Succession War30283030
Andurien Secession30303040
Ronin War30343034
War of 303930393040
Clan Invasion30493052
Refusal War3057December 3057
Pirates War30573058
Capellan-St. Ives War30613063
Combine-Ghost Bear War30623063
FedCom Civil War30623067
Circinus Federation-Marian Hegemony War30663066
Victoria War31033105
Sixth Andurien War31383138
Draconis Combine Civil War31413143

Planets (W.I.P.)[edit]

Note: X and Y are coordinates (light years on XY plane) relative to Terra at (0, 0)

To use this template, use the following:

Planet LocationsX CoordinateY Coordinate
A Place
Aaron Hall
Abasi Oteke
... further results


BattleMech Timetable (WIP)[edit]

Experimenting with an "Earliest Introduced" property tag. As there are 'Mechs with Production years earlier than those shown in their Infoboxes, and there may be more in the future. Such examples would be the Annihilator and the Ostwar

BattleMech TimetableEarliest Introduction Year
Adder (Puma)
AgroMech (Achernar IndustrialMechs)
AgroMech Mk II
Alliance (BattleMech)
Anastasia (FrankenMech)
... further results