Sandol Quinn

Sandol Quinn (b. ???? - d. ????) was the last of the Capellan Chancellors to not be a member of the Liao family.


Prior to being selected regent for Ilsa Liao, Sandol Quinn was the Prefect of the Tikonov Commonality and Duke of Sirius.[1]


After Barbara Liao's death, the only surviving Liao was Ilsa Liao, who was too young to serve as Chancellor. The Prefectorate chose Sandol Quinn to act as her regent, making him the Chancellor as well. Taking advantage of the Federated Suns' focus on the Draconis Combine border, Sandol ordered several strikes into the Chesterton area.[1] The CCAF didn't disappoint, reconquering most of the Chesterton worlds.[2]

He spent most of his time away from Sian, close to his own home Commonality. His presence there boosted the morale of the troops and he was quick to praise and reward the soldiers. Sandol's absence from Sian allowed Ilsa to become familiar with court politics, which would help her greatly when she became Chancellor. Though some in his position might have been tempted to take permanent control Sandol was a loyal nobleman who wanted nothing more than to hand over a strong nation to his rightful liege lady.[1]


Preceded by
Barbara Liao
Chancellor of the Capellan Confederation

Succeeded by
Ilsa Liao


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