Sanra Mercer (Individual Sovetskii Soyuz-class WarShip)

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This article is about the Sovetskii Soyuz-class WarShip. For the Khan of Clan Steel Viper, see Sanra Mercer.

Sanra Mercer
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Sovetskii Soyuz


As at 3061 the Sovetskii Soyuz-class heavy cruiser Sanra Mercer was a WarShip within the Clan Steel Viper touman and was serving as the CSV Sanra Mercer.[1]

Sanra Mercer was one of the Steel Viper ships badly damaged in October 3065 while covering the withdrawal of Steel Viper forces from Lum after a series of bloody Trials of Possession that had been fought between the Steel vipers and Clan Snow Raven, Trials that only stopped when Clan Jade Falcon began looking to opportunistically launch trials against the Steel Vipers for their recent acquistions.[2]

In the wake of the call to Reave all of the Bloodnames associated with the Invader clans issued by ilKhan Brett Andrews in December 3071, the site of various Blood Chapels on Strana Mechty - including the Kerensky Blood Chapel - became the site of a sprawling fratricidal conflict between all of the Clans. The fighting in and around the Blood Chapels ranged into the city of Katyusha as various Clans fought each other, with the conflict escalating steadily after the destruction of the Kerensky and Winson Blood Chapels. The peak of the conflict came when forces from Clan Fire Mandrill fared badly when attempting to seize the McKenna and Clearwater Blood Chapels, resulting in Star Colonel Abraxas Mick of the Fire Mandrills ordering the Potemkin-class cruiser CFM Jungle Heat to destroy the Chapels by orbital bombardment.[3]

The resulting orbital bombardment razed both Blood Chapels as well as the Ben-Shimon Blood Chapel, and as a side effect destroyed a Binary of Clan Star Adder forces and set several fires burning in Katyusha. The Star Adders and Clan Goliath Scorpion were outraged by the Fire Mandrill's actions, but it was the Sanra Mercer and the Carrack-class transport CCS Solar Blaze that Reaved the Jungle Heat, destroying it completely.[3]

In November 3073 the Sanra Mercer joined a task force being assembled by ilKhan Andrews to deal with the Society and Bandit Caste problems affecting numerous Steel Viper holdings during the widespread HPG blackout across the Clan Homeworlds. Joining the massive Leviathan Prime-class battleship CSV Perigard Zalman as well as the Essex-class destroyer CSV Martial Legacy and the Lola III-class destroyer CSV Anaconda, the Sanra Mercer and the other vessels provided transport and support for an assembled ground force consisting of the entire of Alpha, Beta and Delta Galxies.[4]

The task force was responsible for relieving the beseiged Steel Viper enclave at Station Zebra on Grant's Station; the other enclaves on the world had been conquered by Bandit forces in a campaign launched by the bandits in January 3072. The Anaconda and the other vessels in the task force provided support during the ground campaign and subsequent investigation, only to then find themselves having to support internal Reavings when a mysterious plague swept through the population on the planet, including some of the warriors who had fought or been stationed on Grant's Station.[4]

There is no record of the Sanra Mercer having survived the Wars of Reaving and the annihilation of Clan Steel Viper in December 3075.


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