Sarah Steiner

Sarah Steiner
Born: 3014
Affiliation House Steiner
Parents Roman Steiner (father)
Children Tabitha Steiner
Amanda Steiner

Sarah Steiner (born c. 3014[1]) was a Lyran officer and a distant cousin of the ruling House Steiner family.


Early Life[edit]

Sarah Steiner was born the daughter of Roman Steiner, a Lyran noble and Leutnant-General in command of the Third Royal Guards. Roman was a descendant of Archon Eric Steiner through Simon Borge-Steiner.[1] She was likely named for Archon Sarah Steiner-Dinesen.

Military Career[edit]

Steiner served in the LCAF and later the AFFC. By 3050, she had reached the rank of Marshal and commanded the Tenth Donegal Guards, a Regimental Combat Team stationed on Chateau in the Tamar March.[2]

In March of that year, in the first wave of the Clan Invasion, Clan Wolf assaulted Chateau with elements of the elite 279th Battle Cluster. Steiner led her troops skillfully, giving the Wolves their toughest fight up until that point. She was only forced to retreat when the planetary militia panicked, compromising the AFFC defensive lines. She managed to escape the planet with two companies of 'Mechs and less than three conventional regiments.[3] She attempted to regroup on Vantaa, supported by the remnants of the Third Regiment of the 12th Star Guards. Steiner deployed her forces in the Shaitan Valley, then accepted the batchall of the invading Seventh Battle Cluster. Steiner's forces followed zellbrigen during the battle, fighting one-on-one. After she had lost over half her troops, she requested that she be allowed to retreat off-world with her surviving forces. To her surprise, the Wolves allowed this.[4] Unbeknownst to Steiner at the time, she had effectively requested hegira from the Clans.

Steiner and her troops attempted to regroup again at Zoetermeer, with the Tenth Guards reduced to a quarter-strength and the Star Guards down to a single battalion. In September 3050, the Emerald Talon Naval Assault Star of Clan Jade Falcon arrived, ordered to take the planet. Emerald Talon were sent as the Falcons lacked any available ground troops. Positioning his ships above the planetary capital, Star Admiral Adrian Malthus threatened to bombard the world in a bluff, as he was under orders not to do so. Seemingly with no other choice, Steiner and her forces surrendered. She became a bondsman to the Falcons.[5]

Nearly two years later, after the Battle of Tukayyid, Lyran Intelligence Corps agents successfully rescued Steiner from the Falcons, returning her to the Commonwealth. Steiner went through an extensive debriefing after her return, then joined the AFFC's Department of Strategy and Tactics to help implement anti-Clan tactics. In the aftermath of the Lyran secession and the formation of the LAAF, Steiner, now a Hauptmann General, transferred to the Donegal Guards command in 3058, as aide to General Kathleen Heany, a Steiner traditionalist and firm supporter of Archon Katherine Steiner-Davion.[6]

Sarah Steiner continued to serve through the FedCom Civil War, though in its aftermath she and her father grew to resent all members of the House Steiner-Davion branch, including the new Archon, Peter Steiner-Davion. It was even suggested that Sarah and her father represented an opposing claim.[7] General Caesar Steiner replaced Heany as commander of the Donegal Guards, though Sarah Steiner handled day-to-day management as Caesar was already in command of the Second Donegal Guards and served as Margrave of the Cavanaugh Theater.[8]

The Jihad was devastating to the Donegal Guards, with Caesar Steiner killed and only two under-strength commands surviving the war. Nevertheless, Steiner, now officially in command, lobbied hard to keep the Guards from being disbanded. By 3085, she had even seen the Guards expanded to five commands, though the three new units were Light Combat Teams.[9][10]

Steiner's further history and demise are not chronicled at this time.


As the daughter of Roman Steiner, Sarah Steiner was a distant cousin to the ruling Steiner-Davion line.

Steiner had two daughters. Tabitha Steiner was a Rear Admiral with the First Davion Guards when the Civil War broke out, and was killed during the First Battle of New Avalon early in the conflict.[7]

Through her other daughter, Amanda Steiner, she had two grandchildren, Claire and Klaus, who were nearly killed during the Battle of Tharkad City when Peter Steiner-Davion's forces finished off Nondi Steiner's loyalists.[7]

She was second cousin to Adam Steiner, who eventually became Archon.



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