Sarna March Militia

Sarna March Militia
Unit Profile (as of 3057)
Parent Formation AFFS

The Sarna March Militia forces are the last line of defense for the Sarna March. After Operation Guerrero shattered the Sarna March, command of the remaining Sarna March Militia RCT's was transferred to the Capellan March Militia.


Most of the Sarna March Militia units were destroyed during Operation Guerrero in 3057. The surviving Achernar and Nanking March commands were placed under the command of Capellan March Militia and eventually folded into that unit .[citation needed]

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Units of the Sarna March Militia[edit]


  • The Chaos March (sourcebook) refers to an "Arboris SMM" Federated Commonwealth unit defending Arboris during Operation Guerrero. The command was understrength, consisting of no more than a mixed regiment in the conflict's aftermath. It is likely that this unit actually represented a standard planetary militia or it was possibly a new SMM that was being built when the war broke out. [3]


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