Saxe-Heidelberg Heavy Industries

Saxe-Heidelberg Heavy Industries
Company Logo

Company Logo
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Hanover
Primary Products Aircraft

Saxe-Heidelberg Heavy Industries is a manufacturer of atmospheric aircraft.


Based on the world of Hanover, Saxe-Heidelberg's facilities are located outside a small hamlet named French Lick on the Niedersachsen continent from which the company had been manufacturing atmospheric aircraft for decades. A rural facility located some distance from the capital city of Wexler, as at 3079 the bulk of the factory workers are brought in by rail from the capital for each of the three shifts worked.[1]


Saxe-Heidelberg Heavy Industries has a manufacturing center on the following planet.


Note: During the Jihad the Saxe-Heidelberg facility on Hanover suffered no capital and personnel losses, and the operating capacity of the factory was at 100% in 3079.[2]

Components produced on Hanover:[1]
Component Type
Shuriken[1] Spotter Plane
Graf-Tengu[1] Transport Aircraft


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